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From: m Jay
Subject: First and Only DickThis story is not true, and isn't about an actual affair I had with my
friend :p. Please don't read if you're under 18 or if it's illegal in
you're area bla bla whatever. Please don't have unprotected sex unless you
are sure of your partner's loli pussy pics
sexual history. Here's my e-mail please tell me
if there's any mistakes regarding language or tell me what do you think
about this "unreal story".------------=---------=-----------------First and only dickWe were both thrilled when we first met each other in my second year
pre-med.When he first moved to our college he didn't speak to my group of friends
except for one of them so I asked him to introduce us. I thought he was
very cute. He has dark brown hair and a good light beard. He looked like
this guy in the hills show, Justin but more handsome.We came back from school, and as we were talking I discovered that his
house was close to mine. We were both from a city not distant from our
college. I asked him to walk me home so he agreed and we got to know each
other. I guess he was very happy to meat me because he said so lolicon games xxx later and he
kept sending me sms that evening.We became good friends. We hung out together more and more. Then he invited
me to his house. His mom was divorced and she came to the house from time
to time , made food and put lolite free
it in the fridge for days sweet loli pic she weren't
available. As he told me, she was bored to stay home alone so she slept
over at her married son's house. That's why he often had friends over,
which he did with me a lot since we became such good pals. That's when I
started having feelings towards him.We were watching my name is Earl little lolitta model girls that night, when we were very sleepy. I
leaned with my temple on his, and to my surprise he did the same. We went
both to his queen-size bed. I don't know what his folks had in mind when
they decided to put a queen-size bed in his room.Anyway this when I started to notice some change in his bed habits. He
began grabbing my hand or put it on my back since I slept always face down
to keep cp lolits my unused dick warm and hard. He did this several times . So I
decided what the heck I started to come closer to him, until sweet loli pic we reached the
point we were really cuddling. I don't know till now if teen loli sex
he liked boys, but
the way he made me feel when he let my 18 monkeys loli cheek touch his beard or when I
slept seventeen loli
on his chest and was able to hear his heart racing in his chest was
indescribable.One day we wanted to use the internet so he went to the kitchen while I set
up internet properties. He shouted from the kitchen joking about googling
"sexy granny". I played along and typed an " s " and the words "sex gay"
appeared as an auto complete. His English grammar usage was really bad. I
was actually chilled with joy but I backspaced and decided to keep it a
secret and play a little. Then he came back and tried to go further with
his joke and said let's type sexy granny so I laughed and said ok. He typed
s and immediately the same happened. I looked at him trying to pretend I
was in wonder. He told me " Why didn't you notice that? " I was actually
surprised by his question. " You're not the one who should be asking
questions, "I said." I type quickly so I didn't notice, but why did you
Google such stuff.?" he immediately said that it wasn't him who did that
and denied being gay but it was his little cousin who was curious about gay
sex. It sounded convincing since he had told me about lolites models
his cousin
previously. But still I had doubts.I got to meet his cousin who was really beautiful. A tall thin cute boy.His brother also I got to meet, a really sexy tall well built tanned guy
with a smile of an angel. I often fantasized both and sometimes screamed
either of their names in bed while jacking off.Anyway let's get back to my friend. I continued to sleep in his bed. And we
continued to cuddle. I asked him once" tell me if you're gay I wouldn't
mind." he laughed and squeezed me to his chest and said " yes I'm gay ,
come here." My love to him almost became an obsession. I asked him once
"what do I mean to you?" He said "I love you like all of our friends." this
answer made me kinda mad and I argued him about it so he gave me a
traditional kiss which was supposed to be on the cheek but he rather gave
it little loli cuties on the mouth. Every time I slept under his arms I felt like that was all
I wanted out of life.Once he was dressing for a family birthday party he was going to. So he
wanted my opinion on his clothes selection. He torture loli pics
wore this pink shirt. " I
don't like it " I said. He opened the first two buttons. "what do you think
now when I opened the button so that my chest hair would pop out?". I was
dazzled because I didn't know he had chest hair, I thing that is a big turn
on for me since I was a kid." Do you have chest hair?" I asked. He showed
me so I wasn't able to resist and put my hands inside the shirt on his
chest. This was the first chest I touched this way after dreaming all my
life about it.Our relation evolved. The love I had for him grew every minute and was
taking over my life. The day I didn't see him would feel like a year to
me. I was in love with his sometimes sweet sometimes firm personality. I
loved his smell which was always good.I wasn't able to take it anymore. So in my next visits I made to his house
I tried to become more intimate with him. I started to kiss him on the
lips, which he didn't seem to mind at first till he said to me" you like
kissing on the lips, ha?" I smiled. "it's cool just don't do it again I
don't wanna get a disease or something." he said.Every time I found his clothes laying on his bed I would grab it and start
sniffing the floral heaven and he would look at me and start man-handling
me playfully.That night was really special to me. As usual he and I laid together in bed
and started cuddling. This time it got really intense. I put my hand under
his tank top and felt his hairy chest. My dick was like a bone in my
pants. He probably knew how much his fur turned me on so he told me to
undress him. I pulled his tank top up and threw it lolitta hardcore sex porn
away. I wanted to get
him to take of his pajama pants off but when I pulled them down he resisted
and pushed my hands away. Then I put my head on his hairy chest. It was the
best sexual feeling I had ever ! My cheek rubbing against his hairy
chest. Then I gently kissed his nipples. I knew he liked it because he was
smiling with eyes shut. I guess we were both pretending to be asleep or
trying to sleep so that we don't have this guilt and sort of shame that
comes with being gay here. Many times I kissed him then I got back to
sleeping on his chest. Maybe he felt guilty so he opened his eyes pushed me
aside for a moment then grabbed his top and wore it again. My dick was
getting amazingly hard at the time like never before and I'm sure his was
too. Next he did something that made me afraid and happy at the same time:
he grabbed my dick. He did it several times and I don't know why but I
asked him to stop it. He asked me why but I wasn't able to answer. I guess
being a virgin I had this unconscious fear of my first actual intercourse.
He told me that my dick was big so I smiled but I wondered what his dick
looked like. Then he put my hands in his pants and ordered me to play with
it. It was not the first dick I touched but it was a great feeling to touch
the smooth skin of my big love's dick. I just was too pre lolits shy to continue to do
it and moved my hands up under his top to feel his body hair more. He got
really horny. " Would you suck my dick?" he asked me. I was really happy
but shy so I leaned over, got my head near to his dick and pulled his pants
and underwear down and revealed his cock . It was really weird because it
was a small penis with a very big head sort of like a mushroom . It was
fair in color . I just adored it and immediately sucked the head once the
back then chickened out and got back to start position. I guess that's when
he stopped using his mind, the only thing he wanted of me is that I suck
his boy. He stopped pretending to be asleep, got up on his knees, took out
his dick and balls and said to me "Really suck my dick!" . I started
sucking his dick real good then. I got it all in my mouth while feeling
this mixture of enjoyment and fear. He actually grabbed my head from behind
like a pro and started working me the way he loved. Then he came real lolicon jpg
in my
mouth but I didn't feel it. Maybe because he had small balls his man juice
wasn't so thick.A drop of his juice fell on the bed. A little bit of semen
remained on my lips as he told me, so I licked it. We looked around to see
daylight shining from his window. He got up from the bed quickly and sat on
a nearby chair. I remember seeing marks of regret on his handsome face "
Wow what a mistake we did!" he said. I was on fire and my dick needed to
empty my sperms somehow ,so I didn't really care and got my big dick out
and told him" suck it!". I asked him twice but he didn't want to do it and
told me to put my dick in my pants.so I gave up and did.That was a really long night and one of the most significant ones of my
life. He went to the kitchen afterwards with me following him. He made me
really confused. He was regretting having sex with me but he acted like a
gentleman and told me to gargle and made me a sandwich and a cup loli nymphets underage of tea as
a breakfastThen he told me he wanted to shower so I told him I wanted to shower too
but he refused."Would you mind if I came back to bed and slept a little? we
didn't get much sleep last night you know "I asked him."Go ahead just'
Don't jack off" Maybe he didn't want me to stain his sheets but he didn't
know that I was about to do exactly that. I jacked loli pussy pics off in his bed. He came
into the room and was upset so I headed home washed my hand and dick and
took off to my home to avoid further awkwardness.Since that night our friendship deteriorated, although we slept in the same
bed several times sweet loli pic afterwards, we eventually drifted apart. It was really
awkward bumping into him at school but now it's less cold between us.
Consciously, I don't miss him now. But sometimes when in bed especially
jacking off I miss his fur and beard and think about sucking that
big-headed dick. Right now I'm looking for another beautiful clean dick to
suck, would you be interested??
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